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How BUILDFitters solves communication issues in construction industry between project managers and Labors/resources

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How BUILDFitters solves communication issues in construction industry between project managers and Labors/resources

In the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry, communication is both difficult and crucial. This is because several stakeholders along the supply chain are frequently required to work together on a single project that lasts weeks, months, or even years.  

The domino effect of poor team communication: 

Poor team communication can have a cascading effect that causes delays and cost overruns. Connecting cross-functional teams, often made up of employees from different employers, presents a significant problem when managing a construction project. The project’s success depends on its ability to coordinate its activities effectively. Smooth communication is made possible by specially designed software. Streamlining AEC communication with software: 

These issues are addressed by BUILDFitters – a software solution designed specifically for the AEC industry. It offers a central location for direct team communication inside the project or task concerned. All communications are fully recorded and available for inspection at any time, simplifying tracking and collaboration. 

Additionally, BUILDFitters is a cloud-based software that can address the difficulty of leading teams remotely by providing everyone with online access to a common workspace. Project managers may track team progress in real-time and foresee problems sooner by keeping track of communication, activity, and documentation. 

BUILDFitters Demo: 

Now I am going to show you how this works in BUILDFitters. Assuming I am scheduling a Phase 4 Exterior Finish milestone with the following sample tasks: 

  1. Install House Wrap 
  2. Roofing 
  3. Masonry 
  4. Siding / Stucco 
  5. Concrete Prefinal Grade 
  6. Exterior Painting 

As you can see from the screenshot below, the project manager created the tasks and milestone in BUILDFitters Schedule, assigned some resources to the tasks and set the estimated start and finish date.  


Once a task is assigned to a resource or team, they will be able to view the task on their BUILDFitters Mobile app as seen in the screenshot below: 


As you can see, once the resource completes the Install House Wrap task, the schedule automatically updates the task to completed.  

Changes such as status update actual duration spent, timesheet, and project daily reports are automatically generated for the Project manager.  



As a project manager, I can see which task is overdue, in progress, not started, and completed from the color icon beside each task. I can see the actual duration of hours spent on a task, I can see the overall progress for each milestone, and I can check the daily report generated from the on-site activities.     



Communication and collaboration between stakeholders are essential for the success of any project. BUILDFitters is an integrated, customizable AEC solution that helps project managers streamline communication throughout the project lifecycle. If you have any questions or queries regarding BUILDFitters, contact us using the comment box below. 


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