Why Choose BUILDFitters?

Here is an overview of BUILDFitters – the only solution in the market that ties sales, pre-construction, and post construction processes together:

BUILDFitters – At a Glance


  /  Post-Construction

Now that your project stands tall, it is time for you to transfer the assets and close out the project. BUILDFitters construction management services entail a smooth transition from construction to closeout with the Project Management app that gives you visibility into site-clean up, turnover of equipment brochures and operating manuals, guarantee/warranty follow-ups, systems turnover and training, and final inspections.

Explore our Project Management capabilities

Now you can streamline information with advanced analytics across all channels with one centralized hub that can be easily accessible to all stakeholders.

Advanced Analytics and Documentation

Leverage BUILDFitters Project Management apps’ advanced analytics features to simplify creating and sharing project reports and documents in the closeout phase.

Summarize your total project costs in a final comprehensive cost report that lists all change orders and identifies any unresolved cost issues.

Gain access to closeout reports that efficiently document all reports issued during your project history's design and construction phases.

Streamline that long paper trail with a cloud-based document closeout process that allows owners to access documents easily after project completion.

Efficiently manage the turnover of equipment manuals and related information and store it in the cloud along with contact lists and electronic project archives.

Project Punch Lists

With BUILDFitters powerful Gantt Charts and integration with Wrike and Microsoft Project Online, users can easily maintain punch lists and track final project tasks.

Chart your projects’ progress, the associated dates, predecessors, and tasks in one comprehensive visual representation with our construction management software.

Read the charts within seconds with simple to use, easy to read, and highly integrated system. 

Manage more than just a to-do list for your project by integrating BUILDFitters with Wrike or Microsoft Project to quickly complete your closeout tasks. 

Enhance collaboration and visibility across departments and workflows to improve project team collaboration with our construction management software.

Templatize your punch list based on the project type and service to re-use your close out punch list across multiple projects.

System Turnover and Training

Transition from construction to occupancy in no time with our highly integrated system that ensures your project is fully operational.

Gain full ownership of the project data and documentation to secure your project information and details in your cloud completely.

Obtain a detailed contact list in case of any follow-ups or questions to ensure that your system turnover is smooth and error-free.

Coordinate final site clean-ups, preparation, and inspections to ensure that your project vision has come to life and is ready to stand.

Post-Project Review

The post-project review allows you to look back and evaluate what you did right, what you did wrong, and how you can improve in your next project! BUILDFitters can help you do so by giving you easy access to project data and documentation. 

Look back on your construction projects and evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of the project delivery process.

Dismantle communication barriers between the upper management and the foreman level by sharing feedback and performance information.

Identify the personal strengths and weaknesses of all employees and define opportunities for improvement.

Encourage employee innovation by obtaining feedback on opportunities for progress that improve employee involvement and buy-in.

Customized Construction Management Services For Your Business

BUILDFitters Construction Management Services support you from project creation to close-out! Our close-out phase will help you turn over the system efficiently and track and store all related documents in one unified and comprehensive view.