Why Choose BUILDFitters?

Here is an overview of BUILDFitters – the only solution in the market that ties sales, pre-construction, and post construction processes together:

BUILDFitters – At a Glance


  /  Integrations

BUILDFitters can be easily integrated with a variety of software for easier budget management, collaboration and enhanced performance.

Accounting Integrations

BUILDFitters supports integration with various popular accounting and ERP systems such as Foundation, Business Central, Dynamics AX, GP, QuickBooks, Sage, SAP, and more to ensure that all your accounting needs are 100% fulfilled.

Project Management Integrations

BUILDFitters allows businesses to stay on budget and remain on track by integrating your BUILDFitters solution with your existing Wrike or Microsoft Project Online software. Easily follow schedules, define project tasks, and track your progress in the software you already have!

Collaborative Integrations

BUILDFitters can be integrated with Microsoft Teams, Dynamics 365 Groups, and SharePoint workspace to ensure a secure workspace for emails, conversations, files, and events where your team members can collaborate effectively and collectively complete
their tasks.

Document Management Integrations

BUILDFitters can be integrated with Microsoft SharePoint, Office 365 Groups, Microsoft Teams and online tools like Excel and Microsoft Project – all of which are the leading names in document management. With these advanced integrations, your document flow, file sharing, and data management will be secure, simple, and efficient!

Build it the BOLDWay

Automate end-to-end processes and streamline your bidding process, sales, pre-construction and construction management, field operations, team collaboration and much more.