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Everything you need to know about construction management software solutions

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Infographics show that Everything you need to know about construction management software solutions

Everything you need to know about construction management software solutions

The construction industry has been known for its resistance to change and technology. However, it could not ignore the need for technology when the world was drastically forced into hibernation due to COVID-19. A.E.C. professionals were compelled to seek construction project management software solutions that connect disparate construction processes, enable secure collaboration between field and office teams, and ensure safety, security, and visibility throughout the construction project lifecycle.

It was then that construction companies started to explore and invest in technology solutions that streamline the construction project itself – with a specific focus on on-site visibility and communication. The need for construction management software became apparent; today, more companies are opting to revamp their technology infrastructure. 

What is Construction Management Software? 

Typically, construction management software is much like project management software – the difference is that it has predefined construction-focused modules. Construction management software manages all project lifecycle phases from inception to completion. Such software solutions address every aspect and complication of the project. Some common features found in construction management software solutions are estimation capabilities, resource/ task scheduling, cost control, on-site visibility, and collaborative enhancements, to name a few. Construction management solutions have specialized project management features and workflows that help construction professionals oversee the project’s planning, construction, and close-out. A construction project management solution is extremely beneficial for the industry as it helps overcome the triple constraints or project management triangle. 

The Project Management Triangle 

Much like any other project, most construction projects run into a common triarchy of problems. These problems are increasing costs, the scope of tasks required to fulfill the project, and the time scheduled for the task/project completion. These triple constraints need to be evaluated at every stage of the project. The triple constraints have a cascading effect on the project’s overall success. If even one of these factors is ignored, the entire construction project will be impacted adversely. 

For example, if you are a construction project manager, you must keep a keen eye on the triple constraint elements and balance them by trade-offs. You might need to compromise on the project scope if your costs increase. By doing so, you will need to execute fewer tasks which will reduce costs. Similarly, if your timeline and costs are correlating and causing you to go over budget, you can adjust variable costs to counter this.  

However, project managers need complete visibility for both on-field and back-office tasks to accomplish such precision in a construction project. This brings us back to the importance of construction management software in the A.E.C. industry. 

Benefits of Construction Project Management Software:  

Streamlined Communication: 

Poor team communication has a domino effect on the entire project. It disrupts schedules, budgets, and timelines. A construction project comprises multiple teams and connecting these cross-functional teams is a significant problem for project managers/owners. A construction project’s success greatly depends on how well the stakeholders coordinate their activities. Smooth communication and information sharing are one of the most sought-after features in any project management system. Good construction management software will have a centralized location that allows for direct communication across internal and external teams.  

Furthermore, construction project management software empowers companies with advanced dashboards, shared calendars, document access, task schedules, etc., reducing communication and collaboration barriers. 

Budget Management 

Budgeting features are essential to avoid cost overruns and overlaps. Construction management solutions help project managers prepare estimates. Such software solutions also have historical cost performance records, allowing project managers and general contractors to tally data to create the most accurate forecast, keeping labor, material, and equipment costs in mind. In addition, construction project management software helps with bidding management across the project’s lifecycle and basic accounting and expense management facilities. These features enhance the project’s overall success rate. 

Resources Optimization 

Construction management software also helps companies address many of the resource management issues they face. Resource management is critical; resources are often underutilized or overutilized. Construction project management software provides daily task reports, task breakdowns, equipment schedules, and analytics. All these capabilities can help project managers assign tasks and equipment efficiently. Project managers can monitor whether the resource usage is properly aligned with the estimates and optimize resources accordingly. 

Document Sharing  

Document sharing and management are one of the most integral parts of any project. A construction project has much documentation to store. It can be blueprints, contracts, specifications, change orders, purchase orders, site photos, digital plans, etc. Construction management software is an integrated system allowing permission control, version tracking, secure storage, and easy access to construction documents. It provides a complete document management platform that removes typical problems associated with manual data sharing, storage, and tabulation. Documents are secure and updated in real-time; hence lost documentation and outdated information are no longer a concern for the project manager. 

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The Significance of Right Construction Management Software: 

Construction management software streamlines the overall construction project lifecycle. It is designed to empower the construction project stakeholders with automated workflows, visibility, ease of access, and many other advanced features. For example, construction management software has workflows, forms, and templates for professional RFIs, submittals, business letters, purchase orders, and change orders. All project stakeholders, from customers to vendors, general contractors, subcontractors, and project managers, can instantly communicate in real time and share valuable information. The project budget can be easily monitored and integrated with an accounting solution to help with user familiarity and ease. 

However, as tempting as these benefits are for construction companies, selecting the right construction management software and vendor is important. There is an abundance of construction management solutions in the market which claim to streamline the project from start to finish. Still, when it comes to implementation, they fall short, leaving the company with a partially functional and nonproductive system. Such systems end up causing more complexities for businesses which take away from the overall business goals. 

So how can construction professionals find the right solution for their business? The first and foremost thing that a project manager needs to understand is that it is not just the solution they need to screen. They also need to screen the solution provider. 

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BUILDFitters – More than Just a Construction Project Management Software 

BUILDFitters is a construction management software like no other! It is designed for every aspect of the construction project lifecycle. It caters to various A.E.C. roles- from general contractors to subcontractors, subspecialty contractors to project managers, field admins, and even foremen! This construction solution is an all-in-all platform that helps companies streamline sales, preconstruction, construction, and post-construction processes with its wide range of applications. It also comes with a range of analytics apps that help further refine construction project processes. 


BUILDFitters team is more than just a vendor – when we come in, we offer more than a straight-up implementation. We take time to understand your business needs, the limitations of your existing technology structure, and your future requirements. After doing so, we customize the solution so that you can benefit from it today, tomorrow, and the future. As one-stop technology providers, we offer additional integrations and solutions that can help accelerate your business. Our construction management solution benefits clients and customers with executive-level insights, equipment, resource optimization, increased collaboration, and enhanced capabilities.  

We understand how difficult it is for companies when they revamp their technology infrastructure. From ironing out hiccups to training new employees to get the software up and running, a construction company will need much support and time to get the hang of its new software solution. The BUILDFitters team helps companies achieve all of this streamlined and time-efficiently. We have experience and expertise in implementing construction solutions (both packaged and module-based) across all construction verticals, such as HVAC, mechanical, A.E.C., and roofing industries 

Voytko Mechanical – Client Testimonial:

With years of experience across different verticals, we are uniquely placed to help construction companies optimize their construction management solution, thus allowing them to save valuable time and money. Hear from one of our clients about how the BUILDFitters team acted as their in-house experts to help them optimize and customize the solution to meet their exact needs:  


Construction project management software serves as the backbone of a construction company. It is an essential tool that helps manage on-site tasks and ensures smooth collaboration amongst stakeholders, streamlined back-office workflows, and overall visibility across the project’s lifecycle. However, construction management software is a complex implementation – especially for companies that previously relied only on manual processes. Therefore, a good and reliable construction management software vendor is critical to the success of the implementation.  

BUILDFitters, a construction software, benefits all construction roles. Our support team optimizes your solution and helps your business achieve its overall goals. Our software provides a compressed schedule that allows companies to have control and transparency across many stages of the construction project.  

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