Why Choose BUILDFitters?

Here is an overview of BUILDFitters – the only solution in the market that ties sales, pre-construction, and post construction processes together:

BUILDFitters – At a Glance


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The BUILDFitters construction management services cover all possible needs of project managers, superintendents/foremen, and field admins with three essential apps: BUILDFitters Project Management, BUILDFitters Field Admin, and BUILDFitters Foreman. These apps employ advanced analytics to streamline the construction pipeline with easy vendor management, efficient communication with project stakeholders, automated tracking for RFIs and submittals, and complete visibility into tasks, change orders, proposals, and contracts.

Explore our Project Management capabilities

Now you can streamline information with advanced analytics across channels with one centralized hub that can be easily accessible to all stakeholders. Our construction management software can help you streamline and enhance project management.

Project Management   

Explore our advanced project creation, management, and scheduling capabilities to reduce your effort, improve project management, and increase collaboration altogether!

Easily manage project budgets with access to all estimation details, PO materials, PO subcontractors, and timesheet data with our construction management services.

Utilize the 3-D modeler to visualize your project building with your team and make timely changes to design. 

Store dailies and time entries in one place with a centralized dashboard and gain complete visibility into project tasks. 

Streamline equipment information with real-time access to related data about quantity, project, and owner in one view.  

Create project teams effortlessly by leveraging your backed-up data from the pre-construction module. 

Gain access to site photos by having your employees upload project-related photos directly to the app and stay updated with our construction management services. 

Contract Management   

Easily create, track, and view all your contracts through our user-friendly interactive dashboards. Save those hours of labor that go into contract management with advanced project management capabilities.

Enhance administrative experience by creating and managing all contract data in one central location.  

Automate contract creation and import schedules directly from awarded bids by tracking and managing multiple contracts correspondingly.   

Consistently manage, change, and update costs and related schedules based on real-time insights. 

Handle multiple contracts against a project by quickly selecting contract type, project phase, divisions, and sites.

Make contract management simpler by adding the contracted subcontractor data in the same dashboard as the main contract. 

Task Scheduling 

Automate the mundane process of scheduling and tracking tasks, and efficiently track daily labor hours, equipment status, and visitor logs for each project through your computer, tablet, or mobile phone. Our construction management software is compatible on every device!

Manage more than just a to-do list for your project – integrate BUILDFitters with Wrike or Microsoft Project to easily view, track and view progress against tasks. 

Enhance collaboration and visibility across departments and workflows to improve project team collaboration with our construction management services. 

Get a clear view of your project equipment with a detailed interface that provides information on equipment type, status and associated project location, etc. 

Track visitor logs automatically with detailed contact information, start and end time, and other details in real-time and up-to-date analytics. 

Project Resource Scheduling 

Schedule and monitor tasks, track project resources, get detailed insights into employee productivity with advanced timesheets with a robust construction management software.

Plan all activities with their parent and sub-tasks and monitor the duration, percentage completion, and due dates.   

Stay on schedule with visibility into all material receipts, related vendors, and employed equipment to ensure that there are no delays or hiccups.  

Generate submittals and ensure that the information complies with the project requirements and track important dates.   

Track employee schedules to ensure that no resource is overbooked or under-booked to keep morale and motivation high.   

Optimize resource utilization with our comprehensive resource tracking capabilities and utilize equipment, labor, and materials to their ideal capacity.  

Gantt Chart  

Visuals make everything more fun, simple, and user-friendly. Our Gantt charts will allow you to easily read data, track dependencies ensuring that you do not face any overlap or delay in your project activities.

Chart your projects’ progress, the associated dates, predecessors, and tasks in one comprehensive visual representation.  

Read the charts within seconds with simple to use, easy to read, and highly integrated functionalities. 

Stay on top of task management by tracking dependencies with compelling yet straightforward visuals of the Gantt Chart.  

 Make timely changes to processes by identifying priority tasks, discrepancies, and dependencies between tasks.  

Change Order Management 

BUILDFitters Project Management app simplifies change order creation, tracking, and updating with its comprehensive, easy-to-use automated dashboards that pre-populate project data.  

Create, update, and track change orders at any phase of the project and recalculate estimated costs with pre-populated fields and automated workflows. 

Calculate modifications and track updates to the site, cost code, cost class, and assign the changes to the related parties.   

Generate change orders within contracts or add existing ones from the built-in or new records with configurable functionality.  

Export change order details in Excel online or in a static worksheet, dynamic worksheet, or a dynamic pivot table. 

Team Collaboration 

BUILDFitters Project Management allows users to efficiently communicate with project and contract teams by leveraging Office 365 Groups and Microsoft Teams’ advanced collaborative capabilities.   

Automatically create a project team with Microsoft Teams and keep track of all your pre-construction project-related correspondence in the team chat.

Share files, messages, and project pictures in your chat without having any security and privacy concerns. 

Carry out video meetings for up to 10,000 people and empower your employees with cloud calling and real-time chatting features of Microsoft Teams.

Enjoy multi-device compatibility with Microsoft Teams, a cross-platform application that works on Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and on the web.

Overcome geographical limitations with the shared calendar view and enjoy filtered access to project emails in Office 365 Groups.

Budget Management 

Manage your budgeting financials with the BUILDFitters Project Management app and increase your projects’ visibility, efficiency, and overall productivity. Gain easy access to updates, changes, and relevant data.  

Access and update budgets by drawing them from estimations and track budgets for contracts, individual projects, and different sites.

Minimize financial surprises with accurate budgeting and cost project forecasts to track and respond to change and purchase orders.

Track materials, equipment, and supplies along with revisions to the original budget due to committed costs, actuals, and incurred costs.

Get detailed estimation data within the budget dashboard in terms of cost code, quantity, related labor and subcontractor, and outside services.

Explore our Foreman capabilities

Automate, control, and manage your daily construction settlements with the BUILDFitters Foreman app. This app not only enables you to manage timesheets, but also provides a complete view of labor activities, materials, deliveries, and equipment. Now you can oversee visitor logs and stay on top of subcontractor services with this integrated app that helps streamline internal processes.

Time Tracking

Now you can easily keep projects on track by tracking each activity and team member. With advanced tracking and reporting features, the app significantly reduces any time wastage and brings down costs.  

Review ongoing tasks and work to be completed with online reports and ensure that your tasks are budget and schedule compliant.   

Compare your actual logged hours and costs to budgeted costs and hours to gain insights into forecasted vs actual costs.

Enter any forecasted or unseen delays by logging custom daily reports and keep a detailed track of your project records.

Avoid wasting time and money on hours of paperwork; instead, use the estimations feature that updates status according to logged hours.

Labor Activities Tracking

Staying on top of your team and projects is nearly impossible in the realm of construction, but BUILDFitters can help you achieve that with its Foreman app.

Receive an accurate and detailed report of the job site and team activities with our Daily Task Reports feature.

Increase productivity, transparency, and security by overseeing employee hours, their input, and their utilization.

Manage your team's on-site hours with easy-to-use automated timesheets that log all tasks and meetings in a calendar view. 

Materials Tracking

Know where your project materials are, at all times, whether they are on route or on-site. Oversee an extensive array of equipment across many of your worksites with an accurate and secure material tracking feature set.

Pre-plan what materials and equipment are needed as per projects’ requirements and schedule their categorization in advance to avoid unforeseen delays.

Find out what equipment is in use on which job site, where materials are needed and manage all your assets to minimize threats of theft and misuse.

Maintain accurate and detailed records of all equipment and materials and schedule any maintenance and inspections that are needed on-site.

Streamline reporting by feeding all your data into one application to benefit from advanced and analytical reports on material and equipment usage and health.

Deliveries Tracking

Keep track of where your deliveries are on route, where they are going, and when they have arrived with the Foreman app. With our cloud-based and end-to-end solution, you will be ensuring a smooth and efficient delivery system from start to finish.  

Manage all your project deliveries, company-wide, with an easy-to-use interface and easily share data with employees.

Send reminders to your team and subcontractors about delivery dates, shipment delays, and correspondence information.

Easily adjust to changes by simply updating the data in the Foreman dashboard to reflect your updates over time.

Seek support from our customer representatives 24/7 and tackle tracking issues, scheduling problems, or anything else.

Subcontractor Details

Easily view all subcontractor hours, materials, number of employees, and PO services in one comprehensive dashboard. Quickly make changes and edits and keep your information up to date.

Document and share important information with subcontractors via the dashboard in seconds and never miss any important update.

Maintain an extensive audit history and have a secure chronological record of all changes that have been made in the project.

Store all your data in the cloud and eliminate unnecessary back and forth communication to save time and effort.

Use an advanced activity associated view to manage information related to the subject, activity type, status, task priority, and due date.

Keep a detailed visitor log to ensure that you have detailed data on all visits and tally hours and incurred costs accordingly.

Work Orders

Manage your Work Orders through one inclusive dashboard. Prioritize your tasks by using our work orders which allow you to authorize maintenance work, assign tasks, and view details of each work order.

Create a work order and assign it to relevant team members and stakeholders with the necessary skills and knowledge to complete it on time.

Schedule and authorize preventative maintenance tasks using time, date, and/or meter-based measures.

View details of each work order such as who authorized the work order, what is the expected completion date, what is the scope of the work, etc.

Attach relevant information to each work order such as images, documents, work order details, and even SOP guidelines.

Explore our Field Administration capabilities

Connect the office with the field using BUILDFitters Field Admin app to reduce approval delays, and increase review accuracy immediately. The field admin app can not only help you achieve efficiency in the field but also ensures that your back-office activities are on schedule.

Accelerate reviews and approvals

Get complete visibility into the field with a highly integrated solution that allows you to track and oversee all foreman and site activities. No more going back and forth for information and data; the Field Admin app covers everything for you.

 Capture and track material, vendor time, and receipts from the field without having to go down to different sites.

Increase communication and collaboration with team members, foreman, vendors, and subcontractors with a unified platform.

Always be prepared for unforeseen events such as delivery delays, plan changes, cost variations, etc., with complete visibility into the field.

Calculate overtime and double-time

Now calculate overtime and double-time within seconds with BUILDFitters Field Admin app by using real-time dashboards that give you a complete overview of timesheets, employee hours, and visitor logs. You can easily configure the app according to your specific needs.

Automatically calculate overtime and double time during the payroll process without having to go back and forth on timesheets or apps.

Create, manage, and configure overtime and double-time based on employee, division, site, vendor, and state laws of the project in question.

Track employee hours from any device – by downloading BUILDFitters Field Admin application on laptops, computers, tablets, and mobile phones.

Manage your entire team from one dashboard

Track employee activity, review approvals, manage daily operations and equipment responsibilities, including equipment contracts and maintenance agreements in one comprehensive, configurable, and integrated solution.

Calculate and monitor subcontractor hours and deliveries, and administer all aspects of costs, including overtime and benefits.

Easily access, track, and view employee timesheets to approve and manage on site activities from the comfort of your device’s screen.

Streamline reporting and reviewing with BUILDFitters Field Admin app and benefit from Business Intelligence (BI)-driven reports that give you advanced analytics.

Construction management services that benefit all clients!

BUILDFitters is an integrated solution built for all AEC professionals. Whether you are a project owner, a contractor, a field admin, a foreman, or a super-independent, BUILDFitters is a construction management software that will meet your exact needs!