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Construction Project Efficiency – The Five Biggest Factors

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Infographics show that Construction Project Efficiency

Construction Project Efficiency – The Five Biggest Factors

The success of any project in any field depends on work efficiency and productivity. This is especially true in the case of the construction industry. 

What is Construction Efficiency?

Construction efficiency refers to the extent to which resources, such as time, labor, materials, and costs, are utilized optimally during the process of building or creating structures.

The following is a list of the five major factors which can increase construction project efficiency:
  1. Planning the project 
  2. Supply chain management 
  3. Site management 
  4. Equipment health 
  5. Streamlining communication  
For any project owner or even a general contractor, managing all these factors is crucial for the success of the project. Manually handling these processes might not be possible, and therefore automation is recommended.

AlphaBOLD’s BUILDFitters is the perfect solution for automating all these processes. BUILDFitters is a technology solution specially built for the AEC industry to increase construction project efficiency. With BUILDFitters, companies can automate key AEC processes across the entire project lifecycle.

Let’s dig deep into how BUILDFitters helps with all these factors one by one.

How to improve operational efficiency in construction (Tips and Tricks)

1. Collect Data:

BUILDFitters consists of numerous features that can help any project owner or even a general contractor plan the project way ahead of time. Pre-Planning is very crucial for a project as it improves efficiency in the construction project Thinking ahead of time can always help with the problems of unrealistic deadlines, over budgeting, or even with the wrong estimation of equipment or materials. BUILDFitters offers many features from which some are listed below:

    • Budget Estimation:


Before starting the construction, the general contractor or owner can easily estimate the budget with BUILDFitters accurate budget management module. Adding a list of all the equipment or materials required can provide the most accurate estimated budget.

  • 3D- Visualizer: 
With the 3D Visualizer, the owner can clearly see how the finished project would look. This can help him make an informed decision about the building and its design.
  • Vendor & Equipment Selection: 
This feature can help select all your preferred vendors with whom you have worked previously. It saves your preferred list of vendors and equipment, so you don’t have to waste time looking for them again.
  • Gantt Chart: 

Gantt chart helps you streamline all the schedules and timelines to know if you are at your desired timeline. This gives a 360-view of all the schedules (upcoming or completed)

  • Project Summary:
The project summary gives you the complete summary of the project even before you start it so that you can make decisions or request any change before starting it.
Infographics show that how to improve operational efficiency in construction

2. Planning the Project

Supply chain management provides an edge to the companies implementing it by managing various factors especially by increasing the project’s efficiency BUILDFitters assists in all these supply chain factors to ensure that the companies are a step ahead.  

  • Inventory Details:
All the materials are tracked, and the quantity of each is displayed in a graph. This helps keep an accurate record of materials to know when you need more.
  • Material Procurement: 
Procuring material at the right time is crucial. Any delays can cause the project to be late, and the owner might incur additional costs.  
  • Preferred Vendor List:

Maintaining a close alliance with the vendors is essential for a successful project. BUILDFitters displays a list of preferred vendors so you can easily choose whomever you want.  

  • Accurate Calculations: 
Estimating the costs of material is always done before starting the project, but sometimes, the costs can vary during the project. The changes required will also result in changed cost estimation. The contractor can easily update such changes, and the owner can make the final decision.  
Infographics show the Planning The Project

3. Site Management

Site inspection and visitation are a must for every general or even subcontractor. They need to visit the site daily to ensure that all the work is up to the mark. BUILDFitters has come up with unique features which can help optimize this entire process. 

  • Site Photos: 
Employees can share updated pictures of the site as they work on it.
  • Real-time Updates: 
Real-time insights and updates can help keep track of all the materials used. It can also help keep a record of all project locations using the mobile application.
  • Visitor Log:

All the visitors or employees visiting the site can be tracked through the app and can also be accessed by the owner or the field admin easily.

  • Site Cleanup:
Once the project is finished, the site must be cleaned and should be free from all the equipment. Through the app, the contractor can easily manage this task.
  • Site Inspection:

The contractor can be anywhere and still can inspect the site from the app quickly. This helps him in managing different projects and sites simultaneously.

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Infographics show the Site Management

4. Equipment Health

A construction project’s efficiency depends heavily on the equipment and materials being used. A successful construction project is a result of timely delivery and management of material being used. BUILDFitters ensures this by helping in tracking equipment health and managing inspection of materials. Following are the factors by which you can oversee the equipment health using BUILDFitters:

  • Procurement: 

First and foremost, procuring equipment and material is important, and BUILDFitters helps you choose the best vendors and equipment.

  • Tracking Equipment:
The material quantity can easily be tracked throughout the project and even for different sites to avoid delayed deliveries. 
  • Categorizing Equipment:
Equipment and material can be categorized according to their type, cost and even site locations.
  • Equipment Maintenance/ Inspection:
Keeping all the equipment and material data records also helps recognize the need to inspect any special equipment. Reports from previously delivered projects, help determine which equipment is suitable for use and which is not.
  • Equipment Manual: 

At the end of the project, it is essential to provide equipment manuals to help with any future hazards. BUILDFitters provides easy to understand templates for this.  

Infographics show the Equipment Health

5. Streamlining Communication

Miscommunication can lead to the failure or delay of a construction project. Imagine not communicating with other team members, finding errors in the communicated data fields, or even not getting hold of the vendor for the most-awaited material. These scenarios are nightmare for the contractor or the project owner. To improve a construction project’s efficiency it is necessary to communicate effectively. BUILDFitters brings the best communication features to help stay in touch with all the team members.

  • Integration with Other Solutions:

BUILDFitters can easily integrate all other top collaboration software such as Microsoft Teams and Office 365. This helps create teams and projects automatically, resulting in effective communication between team members and the owner.

  • Templates for Proposals & Contracts:

To send proposals and contracts to the vendors and relevant personnel is no big task with BUILDFitters. You can find easily understandable automated templates which can be used for these purposes.

  • Communication with Vendors: 
All the purchase orders, Requests for Proposals or any others vendor related documents are readily accessible in the app. This can help avoid any delays in equipment and material delivery.  
  • Feedback for Employees: 
Towards the end of the project, the project owner can quickly go through each resource’s task reports and generate feedback reports for everyone. This helps him in maintaining the data of his preferred employees. This, in return, helps the employees to know about their performance on the project.
Infographics show the Streamlining Communication

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This was a brief overlook of the five most significant factors that help in improving construction project efficiency. All these five factors play a significant role in taking a construction project to the heights of success. Due to the competitive nature of this industry, the success of a project may also mean the survival of a company. Therefore, the AEC companies must achieve the project goal effectively and in time. AlphaBOLD’s solution, BUILDFitters is the perfect solution for companies to enhance their construction project efficiency.