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Here is an overview of BUILDFitters – the only solution in the market that ties sales, pre-construction, and post construction processes together:

BUILDFitters – At a Glance


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BUILDFitters Sales empowers companies to streamline and enhance lead and business management by enabling employees to collaborate, communicate, and engage with all stakeholders. With one central database, this construction management software lets you access data without any information loss. It simplifies processes by generating automated proposals, tracking bids, and providing powerful analytics. Now you can turn leads into won opportunities and capture real-time visibility throughout the entire sales lifecycle!

Explore our construction management software’s Sales capabilities

BUILDFitters Sales allows users to gain insights into the active sales cycle by leveraging easy to follow process flows and business insights (BI) and maximizing sales potential with its analytical tools and robust features.

Opportunity Management & Analytics

Never incur the expense of a missed opportunity again with our opportunity tracking feature that allows you to gain insights into direct and indirect sales opportunities before your competitors. You can track won and lost opportunities altogether in this construction management software!

Track sales opportunities in real-time and manage all qualified leads and opportunities in one platform with our interactive dashboard. 

Focus on closing deals rather than wasting time on updating pipelines by having complete visibility into the sales opportunities.

Leverage visual analytics to keep track of all leads with interactive dashboards. Access detailed breakdowns of conversion rates, lead quantity, and sources.

Explore powerful reporting capabilities and effectively improve sales by generating reports that provide a detailed analysis of all opportunity data. 

Enjoy a simple and user-friendly interface that allows you to find relevant information with a single click.  With a fully cloud-based system, ensure your data is never lost. 

Project Bid Tracking

Increase  your  hit  ratio  by  allowing  the  system to do the administrative work for you. No more countless  hours  spent on  tracking  bids, worrying  about  deadlines, and monitoring  milestone dates!

Track bids anywhere,  anytime, and  easily  access  Request for Proposal (RFP)  details, bid amounts, schedules, and  invites with our cloud-based solution.

Get access to accurate bid data and see how many bids are created, what qualifies as a winning bid, and what is trending in one comprehensive dashboard. 

Streamline estimations by filtering bids relevant to your projects and save your  sales team the hassle of sorting through emails and files.  

Track bid project details to get a complete breakdown of your estimate details such as labor, material, equipment to quantity, unit of measure, and cost quotes.   

Keep tabs on all information by leveraging real-time insights and detailed reports to strategically increase your chances of pursuing and winning the right bids!  

Proposal Generation

Close your deals faster with BUILDFitters streamlined and automated construction proposal templates. Say goodbye to inconvenient long workflows and avoid tedious manual work.

Quickly create sales proposals by leveraging the bid data created by estimators for automatic proposal creation on a single click.

Compile and generate customized construction proposals in one convenient, easy-to-use interface.

Improve the interactive experience with automated processes, detailed information breakdowns, and real-time insights that help you discover friction points.

Augment productivity with a simplified sales proposals process that streamlines workflows and business processes.

Sales Monitoring and Forecasting

BUILDFitters monitoring software provides sales forecasting that yields realistic and accurate predictions.  By using data-driven analytics, avoid making decisions based on stale data!

Monitor your sales progress and empower your sales team  with drill-down capabilities to access real-time information  across  divisions, projects, bid amounts, duration, and start dates.

Rely on forecasted  sales  analytics and create customized  visual dashboards that  determine future business outcomes and help make timely data-driven decisions.

Gain complete visibility of all sales development through a completely configurable construction project management software that tracks progress throughout the entire project lifecycle.

Project Estimation

Generate accurate estimates with BUILDFitters comprehensive templates and modern features for Sales. Track your construction project’s financial progress from beginning to end and never miss any estimation detail.

Manage your construction estimates and empower your sales team with estimation tools that allow them to close more sales, process requests faster, and be fully prepared.

Experience advanced estimation capabilities and interactive features to control sales processes, minimize errors, and never miss an opportunity. 

Accelerate your estimation through our configurable solution that can be personalized to meet your specific estimation needs.

Make estimates on the go with BUILDFitters device-agnostic estimation module.

Rely on advanced financial capabilities to focus on cost planning by converting estimates to the budget.

Discover our construction management services

BUILDFitters offers unrivaled construction management services and support. The BUILDFitters Sales app can help you close deals faster, streamlining your conversions, estimations, and forecasting. Our experts are ready to help you! Find out more about our construction management software today!