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Here is an overview of BUILDFitters – the only solution in the market that ties sales, pre-construction, and post construction processes together:

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Build your business on innovative tech – Webinar Recap

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Build Your Business On Innovative Tech

Build your business on innovative tech – Webinar Recap

AlphaBOLD’s recent webinar titled “Build your own business on innovative tech” was a major game-changer for many attendees. It allowed them to explore how our construction management solution, BUILDFitters, can help them overcome the many challenges they face during the construction lifecycle with live demos of our solution offering. Do any of the following architectural, engineering or construction (or AEC for short) AEC challenges hit a sore spot for you?

Submittals and RFIs

  • 22% of RFIs receive delayed or no response.
  • 9.7 days required for RFI responses.  
  • 50% more RFIs reported due to poor communication.  

Document management

  • 47% compare errors and issues in construction documents.   
  • 60% blame inadequate quality documents for decreased labor productivity  
  • 30% of construction data is lost by project close-out.  
  • 50% of contractors fail to capture & review data consistently.  

Project management

  • 68% experience decreased productivity due to poor schedule management.  
  • 35% spend over 14 hours per week on non-productive activities.  
  • Only 18% use mobile apps to access project data and collaborate.


  • 82% wanted more collaboration with their contractors.   
  • 60% face communication and coordination challenges with team members.   
  • 49% manually transfer data between apps that do not integrate.

Vendor qualification

  • 69% identify poor contractor performance as a challenge.  
  • 82% feel they need more collaboration with their contractors.   
  • 23% have pre-qualification procedures for vendor qualification.   
  • 54% experience a shortage of at least one construction material. 


  • 30% prepare a bid in almost 4 weeks.    
  • 45% prepare a bid in 4-6 weeks.    
  • 37% of construction companies incur up to $99,999 for preparing bids.   
  • 18% struggled with incomplete information for bid preparation.

Automatic client deliverable document generation

  • 36% collect and document change orders on less than half of their projects.   
  • 52% of rework is caused by insufficient project data and miscommunication.   
  • 72% want to streamline change order management.

Executive Insight: (Dashboards)

  • 41% lack visibility into how data is being used.   
  • 76% are willing to invest in connected technologies to address challenges.   
  • 90% spend 1300 hours yearly trying to connect and organize information. 

Luckily, BUILDFitters offers a complete solution that allows AEC companies to streamline and connect their operations throughout the construction lifecycle. If any of these pain points hold you back, watch a recording of our webinar and see how you can solve many of these challenges.

Iyou are not yet convinced to watch the webinar read further to get a sense of what this webinar was all about. 

Technology and the AEC Industry:

Integrating technology into your business is essential for all AEC business owners. Yet, most have not taken actionable steps to take the reins and lead their business into an era of digital innovation. It is tough to find a solution that works and fits all of your needs for every part of the construction life cycle. That is why AlphaBOLD built BUILDFitters – the #1 construction project management solution for AEC companies that eliminates the industry’s challenges and centralizes all business operations with one tool.    

Infographics show the industry’s challenges

Technology and the AEC industry:

Tayyab Ali (VP Consulting) and Nick Craig (Strategic Sales Manager) led the live webinar to demonstrate to our attendees how BUILDFitters can address the prevalent challenges in the construction industry and help AEC firms get comprehensive, simple technology on-site. 

They focused on the standard industry challenges and showcased how BUILDFitters optimizes team potential, streamlines communication, and reduces risks by automating complex industry processes.     

What did our attendees learn?

Our webinar proved to our attendees that BUILDFitters is a technology solution that can exploit its true potential. Why? The statistics speak for themselves! 

  • 35% of AEC professionals spent over 14 hours per week on non-productive activities, including looking for project information, conflict resolution, and dealing with mistakes and rework. BUILDFitters reduces rework by 25% 
  • 60% of project owners complain of poor coordination and communication between project team members. BUILDFitters boosts project communication and coordination by 40%
  • 41% of site managers do not know how the information they collect is being used. BUILDFitters increases project forecasting by 30%


Increasing the use of technology is one of the most important contributing factors for the growth of AEC companies. This is precisely why companies are looking to streamline their AEC business with a comprehensive management solution. This webinar showed our attendees how BUILDFitters allows companies to resolve challenges ranging from flawed project planning to siloed and disconnected document and data management. With BUILDFitters, project owners will always remain on schedule,  

We can help you get a 360-degree view of your AEC firm as well. Contact us today to find out more!