Why Choose BUILDFitters?

Here is an overview of BUILDFitters – the only solution in the market that ties sales, pre-construction, and post construction processes together:

BUILDFitters – At a Glance

Preconstruction Software

  /  Preconstruction Software

The BUILDFitters Preconstruction software comprises of two planning tools; BUILDFitters Project Management and BUILDFitters Vendor Qualification. These apps provide innovative construction management services by utilizing advanced analytics to help with contract negotiations, estimate changes in pre-construction, procurement enhancements, team collaboration & structure, task management and complete vendor communication management.

Explore our Project Management capabilities

BUILDFitters Project management helps companies build a loyal clientele by offering outstanding project experience. Our advanced construction management services will enable you to deliver successful projects on-time and within budget.

Bidding Management 

Enjoy a smooth, hassle-free bidding management process with BUILDFitters  project management and gain quick, reliable estimates that allow for time-efficient decisions and higher productivity.

View all your bidding information against your active contracts in one dashboard and save time on tracking down information.

Reduce the turnaround time it takes to associate bids to contracts with automated features and improve overall productivity.

Estimate in the cloud with BUILDFitters robust estimating capabilities that allow you to manage all your estimates from anywhere on any device.

Eliminate redundant data entry with automated bid creation and effectively remove chances of double entry and reduce rework.

Save time and effort on manually creating and awarding bids with digitized bids that can be transferred from the sales pipeline.

Project Management  

Explore our advanced project creation, management, and scheduling capabilities to reduce your effort, improve project management, and increase collaboration altogether! Our construction management services provide a hands-on approach for project management.

Easily manage project budgets with access to all estimation details, material purchase orders, subcontractor and services purchase orders, and timesheet data.

Keep track of change and purchase orders in a single view along with RFIs and submittals. Eliminate complicated processes and siloed data storage.

Access your project summary, internal team information and owner team information within one comprehensive view.

Benefit from templatized features for scope of work, inclusions, and exclusions when you populate your type of service.

Utilize the 3-D modeler to visualize your project artifacts with-in the project management application.

Streamline equipment information with real-time access to related data about equipment quantity, vendor and price in one view.

Gain access to site photos by having your employees upload project-related photos directly to the app and stay updated.

Contract Management  

Easily create, track, and view all your contracts through our user-friendly interactive dashboards. Save those hours of labor that go into contract management with our construction management software.

Contract management module in the pre-construction phase makes it easy to create contract from the estimates in a single click.

Enhance administrative experience through which you can create and manage all contract data in one central location.

Automate contract creation and import schedules directly from awarded bids by tracking and managing multiple contracts correspondingly.  


Access all the information you need for purchasing through one integrated solution and utilize procurement capabilities that take away the hassle of equipment and material purchasing.

Create and commit purchase orders with in-built features and leverage rich reporting charts with visuals to track your procurement plan.

Streamline purchase order requests by automating purchase orders with pre-populated data that allows for quick creation of POs(Purchase Orders).

Integrate estimation and procurement by directly sending estimated items and take-offs to vendors to reduce errors.

Streamline purchasing requisitions with a clear, comprehensive view of data, approval processes, and progress to save time and costs.

Reduce departmental delays with intelligent automated workflows that track the procurement and contract process by customizing approval processes.

Gantt Chart  

Visuals make everything more fun, simple, and user-friendly. Our Gantt charts will allow you to easily read data, track dependencies ensuring that you do not face any overlap or delay in your project activities.

Chart your projects’ progress, the associated dates, predecessors, and tasks in one comprehensive visual representation.

Read the charts within seconds with simple to use, easy to read, and highly integrated functionality.

Stay on top of task management by tracking dependencies with compelling yet straightforward visuals of the Gantt Chart.

Make timely changes to processes by identifying priority tasks, discrepancies, and dependencies between tasks.

Rely on advanced financial capabilities to focus on cost planning and cost advice with one holistic dashboard for estimation.


BUILDFitters Project Management covers it all with the In-Negotiation feature from proposed vendors and subcontractors to contractual communication. Select the right vendor for your project in no time! 

Easily access an auto-populated list of all the products and services you have in your pre-construction modules.

Select from pre-qualified subcontractors, vendors, and suppliers by comparing the proposals and related communication with our advanced construction management software.

Send requests for proposals with one click and update product and service requests in the module without leaving the dashboard.

Categorize your proposed vendors easily by ensuring they meet all your needs with the vendor pre-qualification option's filters.

Protect your negotiations from disputes and manual, error-prone documentation with our automated, auto-populated requests.

Team Collaboration 

BUILDFitters Project Management allows users to efficiently communicate with project and contract teams by leveraging Office 365 Groups and Microsoft Teams’ advanced collaborative capabilities.

Automatically create a project team with Microsoft Teams and keep track of all your pre-constructions related correspondence in the team chat.

Share files, messages, and pictures in your chat without having any security and privacy concerns with our streamlined construction management software.

Carry out video meetings for up to 10,000 people and empower your employees with cloud calling and real-time chatting features of Microsoft Teams.

Enjoy multi-device compatibility with Microsoft Teams,; a cross-platform application that works on Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and on the web.

Overcome geographical limitations with the shared calendar view and enjoy filtered access to project emails in Office 365 Groups.

Explore our Vendor Qualification capabilities

The Vendor Qualification app focuses on saving time and effort by simplifying and quickening the qualification process. With an advanced view of vendor and subcontractor data, the app significantly reduces time wastage and brings cost down.

Integrate your data between apps with a unified solution that manages your safety and financial risk without increasing costs or wasting valuable time.

Find and manage accounts with access to contact details, company information, quality and safety regulations, incidents, related forms, and any interlinked data.

Assess and evaluate potential vendors, send evaluations, and access related information such as timelines, audit histories, and associated activities.

Gain insights into product bundles and properties, create and track price lists’ items and pricing along with product relationships and inbuilt/external templates.

Store survey results in one centralized solution from all associated active or inactive surveys to ensure that you never lose any valuable insights from your data.

Why do AEC companies opt for BUILDFitters construction management services?

BUILDFitters is a fully integrated construction management software covering all aspects of the pre-construction, construction, and close-out phases! We can help you streamline your entire construction project from start to finish!