Why Choose BUILDFitters?

Here is an overview of BUILDFitters – the only solution in the market that ties sales, pre-construction, and post construction processes together:

BUILDFitters – At a Glance

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Executive summary:

David Voytko, Founder and CEO of Voytko Mechanical, had a growing business with scattered and inefficient bidding, estimation, and document management processes. With his strategic move to revamp the company’s technology infrastructure, these constraints gradually started disappearing with AlphaBOLD’s construction management solution – BUILDFitters. BUILDFitters is a packaged industry vertical solution consisting of model-driven and canvas applications built on the Dynamics 365 platform. After seeing the value and efficiencies gained by implementing Dynamics 365 Sales module, David and his team saw the value of incorporating the Dynamics 365 platform into more facets of their HVAC business.

Customer challenges:

Voytko Mechanical Inc. is an air-conditioning contractor located in Commerce, CA, USA. It is a continuation of a family legacy spanned over three decades. The company focuses on serving clientele in the HVAC industry that recognizes quality, expertise, and value.
Before transitioning to Dynamics 365, Voytko relied on manual, paper-driven processes for estimations, proposals, and accounting. With QuickBooks as its legacy system, Voytko Mechanical consistently ran into inefficiencies as it could no longer support its growing needs. However, soon Voytko Mechanical realized that it needed an even more sophisticated platform to meet the competitive demands of the HVAC industry. After a successful Dynamics 365 Sales implementation, the company turned to AlphaBOLD to see if they could help increase overall project visibility and enhance communication between the field and back-office teams.
Sitting down with AlphaBOLD, Voytko Mechanical listed some of the issues they wanted to address in any new system they would implement. One area that they identified was the lack of proper resources and technology to streamline field technicians’ tasks. For example, they would sometimes have three people working on the same task. The technicians also had no proper means of reporting errors or issues in the field via an automated, cloud-based solution. The company could not provide its field workers with sufficient tech support when they found problems out in the field. If a worker reported an error in the field, he/she would manually record it via a ticket and then physically report it to the back-office team. There was no way to get approvals on the spot. This was a highly inefficient process as Voytko Mechanical’s operations are based out of Los Angeles – a city known for high volumes of road traffic. Commuting back and forth and repeatedly sending field agents to sites with trucks of inventory and machinery was time-consuming and costly. Furthermore, these tickets would often get ‘lost’, resulting in lost opportunities for the company.
Even with Field Service in the mix, these limitations persisted as QuickBooks and Field Service did not integrate. This led them to turn to Dynamics 365 Business Central to take over their finance and accounting aspects, replacing QuickBooks.

Partner solutions:

  • The AlphaBOLD team utilized Dynamics 365 apps to help Voytko Mechanical streamline field technicians' tasks, automate error reporting and issue resolution, and provide real-time tech support to field workers. Using Dynamics 365 Field Service, the field technicians could access a centralized system for tracking tasks and reporting issues, which reduced the need for multiple technicians working on the same task. Additionally, Dynamics 365 Field Service's cloud-based nature allowed for remote access and eliminated the need for repeated trips to the office, saving time and costs.

  • Similarly, for scheduling, AlphaBOLD’s team utilized the Microsoft Dynamics 365 apps to help the company automate mundane tasks. For example, the mobile app allowed field technicians to view and accept their schedules on the go, which improved technicians' flexibility and responsiveness. Furthermore, the dispatchers and schedulers were empowered with a clear real-time view of their field technician's location and their current availability. Also, schedulers could now consider travel time, inventory, and equipment needed for the job, ensuring that the right technician with the right skills and resources is dispatched to the job site.

Customer benefits:

Voytko Mechanical and AlphaBOLD enjoy a trusted partnership and continue working to refine the HVAC business further with Dynamics 365. With multiple customizations, focused customer services, and ongoing training, Voytko Mechanical can now have a proactive approach that helps mitigate risks. One reason for the success of this partnership is that the AlphaBOLD’s team came in and served as in-house experts rather than outside consultants. 
“When the AlphaBOLD’s team came down, they spent time understanding our business. That is key because there are a thousand people out there that do the same thing, but your team understood the way my business works,” said David Voytko
The AlphaBOLDs team is now working with Voytko Mechanicals to set up Dynamics 365 Business Central for their organization. The company hopes to refine its business processes while ensuring they meet its growth goals.
Beyond sales and estimation tools that minimize risks and maximize margins, David said BUILDFitters is unlike other HVAC management solutions because of its unrivaled support services. “Anytime I’ve had an issue, I’ve been able to call you or one of your associates, and I get a response because you take much pride in your product, and you’re not going to be happy until I’m happy, and that’s been my honest experience so far,” David said. “That’s why I decided to keep going with AlphaBOLD, module after module.”

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