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Construction Scheduling Software features in an all-in-one Solution

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Infographics show the Construction scheduling software

Construction Scheduling Software features in an all-in-one Solution

There are many moving parts in the modern-day construction industry. From new trends to technology updates and pressures on an already thinning workforce, today’s construction professionals have a lot on their plate. Furthermore, as the industry advances, construction projects become increasingly complex, with multiple teams working in the same vicinity, equipment rentals, and regulatory issues.

Considering all these factors, construction professionals are now focused on maintaining a proper construction schedule to ensure they hit all the project milestones while staying within the budget and on time. ‘Traditionally, companies looked for construction scheduling software to integrate with their existing construction management software to achieve this.

However, in today’s technologically blessed market, solution providers have fused the features of these two platforms. The BUILDFitters app is an all-inclusive construction management software encompassing a construction scheduling software’s complete range of features.

However, before we dive into what BUILDFitters offers as a construction scheduling software – let’s explore what a construction schedule is! 

What is a Construction Schedule? 

Construction scheduling software integrates dynamic project scheduling methods in a company’s workflow to help it improve its project management capabilities and the bottom line. For a project manager, scheduling is the timeline on which every project step needs to be completed.

For example, the base of a house needs to be completed before the floor can be installed. Construction projects have many steps; therefore, scheduling is crucial for the success of a business. With a well-organized construction project schedule, all project stakeholders can be easily updated on the project’s progress.

Additionally, the construction scheduling software features help general contractors stay on top of the decided timelines and convey any challenges that might delay the project. Construction project scheduling allows project managers and their teams to manage their time and resources efficiently, fostering a streamlined process for project completion.  

Infographics show the Construction scheduling

What are the Types of Scheduling in Construction? 

There are many different firms in the construction industry, meaning many construction projects exist. There is no universal workflow for any of the projects! Hence, there are many ways for a project manager to arrange his schedule. Some of the popular methods include:  

  • Daily, weekly, and monthly schedule 
  • Gantt chart schedule 
  • List view schedule 
  • Phase-oriented schedule 

Contractors use these schedules to construct residential, commercial and modular homes.

Revolutionize Your Construction Management with BUILDFitters!

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BUILDFitters for Construction Project Scheduling: 

BUILDFitters is a construction management software that comes fully equipped with the features found in traditional construction scheduling software.

It is an end-to-end construction management platform that helps all project stakeholders with its various components. From sales to preconstruction, construction, and post-construction, the software helps foster easier project management, improved productivity, and increased profitability. 

The BUILDFitters app helps construction project stakeholders streamline scheduling with features that provide the following: 

  • Automated import of schedules from awarded bids into contracts for a seamless and time-efficient approach. 
  • Automated task scheduling and task tracking feature for daily labor hours and equipment status through computers, tablets, or mobile phones. 
  • A clear view of your project equipment with a straightforward interface provides information on equipment type, status, associated project location, etc.  
  • Integrations with task management software such as Wrike and Microsoft Project Online. 
  • A complete overview of activities with their parent and sub-tasks to help monitor the duration, percentage completion, and due dates.   
  • A complete schedule with visibility into all material receipts, related vendors, and employed equipment to ensure that there are no delays or hiccups.   
  • One-click submittals that ensure accurate information for the project, such as material requirements and important dates. 
  • Employee schedules tracking to ensure that no resource is over-booked /under-booked. 
  • Optimized resource utilization with advanced construction software features that utilize equipment, labor, and materials to their ideal capacity.   
  • Visualized tracking and reporting capabilities through Gantt charts allow users to track data dependencies easily. 


 In conclusion, construction scheduling software is integral to construction project management.

It helps project managers and their teams stay organized and on top of deadlines and helps improve productivity and profitability. BUILDFitters is an all-inclusive construction management software that includes a full range of construction scheduling software features, making it an excellent choice for construction professionals looking to streamline their workflows and improve project management. 

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