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Here is an overview of BUILDFitters – the only solution in the market that ties sales, pre-construction, and post construction processes together:

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Build it the BOLDWay – A General Contractors Guide to Construction Management – Webinar Recap

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A General Contractors Guide To Construction Management

Build it the BOLDWay – A General Contractors Guide to Construction Management – Webinar Recap

In our recent webinars targeted at the general contractors (GCs) in the architectural, engineering and construction (AEC) field, we discussed several construction management challenges that the current landscape holds for them and how BUILDFitters was the ideal solution that could help them overcome these very challenges. Did you miss out on our webinar? Not to worry, this short recap will bring you up to speed. 

As industry experts, we interact with various AEC professionals daily. Naturally, we discuss the challenges they face in their construction projects to help them streamline their approaches and take on BUILDFitters to innovate their business. So, what are the top pain points of modern-day general contractors? Let’s divide them into sections! 


  • 30% prepare a bid in almost 4 weeks.  
  • 45% prepare a bid in 4-6 weeks.    
  • 18% struggled with incomplete information for bid preparation. 


  • 82% want more collaboration with their contractors.    
  • 60% face communication and coordination challenges with team members.  
  • 49% manually transfer data between apps that do not integrate.  

Project Management 

  • 47% compare errors and issues in construction documents.   
  • 30% of construction data is lost by project closeout.   
  • 50% of contractors fail to capture & review data consistently. 

If watching videos is not your thing, just keep reading while we uncover why BUILDFitters is the #1 construction technology of choice for general contractors and how it can help keep your company on the cutting edge.  

Webinar Polls – Market Problems Verified: 

Another exciting part of our webinar was the results of our polls! We had our attendees share with us their construction management challenges, and here are the results of our polls:  

Infographics show that Build It The BOLDWay | Market Problems Verified
Infographics show that Construction Management ChallengesGuide.

Do you relate to these answers as well? If yes, then BUILDFitters may be the right solution for you and your construction management business. Let’s see how BUILDFitters helps address these pain points and more! 

Infographics show that BOLDBUILD Process Overview

Overcoming the bidding challenges faced by a general contractor? 

Bid management is an essential component of gaining new clients. All contractors need an efficient bidding system to improve their overall chances of winning more business. However, when it comes to construction, the bidding process often falls short. Many GCs overlook the need for efficient construction software to streamline bidding management and ensure an optimized outcome. Due to this, they waste hours or even weeks preparing bids and usually struggle with incomplete information. 

The solution is simple. With the BUILDFitters app, GCs can access a web-based, mobile platform to streamline their bid process, project data, documents, and subcontractor communication during preconstruction. Furthermore, they can reduce the turnaround time associated with contracts and benefit from improved productivity. BUILDFitters robust estimating capabilities enable GCs to manage all your estimates from anywhere on any device. 

Overcoming the collaboration challenges faced by a general contractor? 

The AEC industry has recently seen digitization and automation of collaborative tasks and document sharing processes. However, this ‘revamp’ is slow and is often not streamlined. Most GCs experience problems with their existing collaborative tools, document storage, process updates, etc. This results in delayed timelines, miscommunication, demotivation, etc. All this can be simply avoided with BUILDFitters! 

BUILDFitters is a connected solution that offers integrations with your existing project management tools such as excel, Wrike, Microsoft Project Online, and Office 365, along with any custom integration that you need for your project. BUILDFitters automates processes empowering users to share files easily, without having privacy or security concerns. 

Furthermore, BUILDFitters powerful collaborative features enable users to efficiently collaborate with video meetings, communication channels and direct messages with Microsoft Teams. GCs can also easily share submittals, RFIs, RFPs and other construction documents with stakeholders. Real-time file sharing and co-editing on documents are just a few of the many collaboration features that make BUILDFitters the number one choice for GCs. They can also easily access, track, and view employee timesheets to approve and manage on-site activities from the comfort of their device’s screen.

Additionally, automating processes and scheduling tasks help GCs save time by reducing rework. The collaborative features of BUILDFitters allow for optimized resource allocation and an overall smooth flow. All stakeholders can access relevant data and can communicate effectively without having to navigate through multiple apps. 

No more worrying about documentation, creating contracts or change/purchase orders. With BUILDFitters, GCs have access to templatized documents for all your crucial construction processes. The BUILDFitters solution thus streamlines all collaborative tasks of GCs, allowing them to focus on other pressing tasks. 

Overcoming Project Management Inefficiencies? 

All GCs are painstakingly aware of the complexities of a construction project. Hours of work go into locating qualified subcontractors for projects, tracking bids, and sending requests even before you break ground at the construction site! When the time comes to move onto the construction phase finally, collaboration, project tracking, file sharing and many other integral processes are slowed down due to the lack of a streamlined construction management system.  

We have already addressed the bidding and collaboration aspects of project management, but a project is made up of much more than just these two features. So, what else makes a project inefficient?  

One of the most common inefficiencies of the AEC industry is poor visibility. Most GCs struggle to keep track of construction updates or have poor planning and scheduling resources. This results in little resource utilization and no fruitful insights into their project timelines. GCs often spend hours documenting changes, creating new budgets, or hunting down resources to get tasks done. Furthermore, because most projects are either employing different tracking methods across the project lifecycle or using a project management tool that is not connected to all phases, they lose necessary information in the process. This results in increased costs, deadlines, time wastage, etc. 

BUILDFitters allows for advanced project creation, management, and collaborative capabilities. BUILDFitters allows for transparent processes across the project lifecycle that give the project owner complete visibility. BUILDFitters helps the user manage project budgets with access to all estimation details, PO material, PO subcontractors, and timesheet data. You can easily track change orders and purchase orders in a single view – no more siloed data!  

Additionally, BUILDFitters construction management features allow you to access your project summary, internal team information, and owner team information in one comprehensive view. Other features such as 3-D modelling enable users to understand further what the project will look like once completed, even before the groundwork is laid out. Streamlined equipment information with real-time access, vendor information, daily timesheets, associated documents filters, project team information, etc., are some of the other features of BUILDFitters centralized dashboards. 

Are you ready to start your BUILDFitters experience! We can help GCs across the globe improve their construction projects with streamlined workflows, connected processes and a solution that is designed to meet their exact needs. Don’t take our word for it – see what our clients say! 

“BUILDFitters has helped SAFTI FIRST streamline its internal processes by enhancing the way we handle information. With efficient proposal generation capabilities and automatic submittals, we can now timely meet all project deadlines. Furthermore, BUILDFitters advanced estimation features have helped us pave our way forward!” - Adam Scherer, IT Data Analyst – SAFTI FIRST,