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Saving Time and Money – A Subcontractors Guide to Construction Management

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Construction Management

Saving Time and Money – A Subcontractors Guide to Construction Management

 Construction projects are a long endeavour, and for most construction firms, time is of the essence. The reason for that is simple, if you finish your construction project on time, you avoid going over budget, and we all know how important that is in the construction landscape. Time is money, and as a subcontractor, you already know how hard it is to manage both factors. 

A construction management software is the treasure trove of the architecture, engineering, and constructions (AEC) industry. Subcontractors can benefit from the multitude of features that these project management solutions offer. BUILDFitters is the right solution for subcontractors who want to make deadlines and stay within budget, and in this blog, we will discuss why! 

While the construction industry has been relatively slow to take on technology, recent research indicates that construction companies realize the benefits of using construction management software for their projects. With construction management software, the construction industry is better poised to tackle its issues and achieve long term success. 

The modern-day construction apps are not designed just for project owners or builders. Subcontractors can share the advantages of construction management apps such as BUILDFitters. BUILDFitters allows subcontractors to streamline their tasks, save time and, therefore, money enabling more efficient work on-site. 

Let’s break this down into what makes BUILDFitters such a robust app for subcontractors in the AEC industry: 

All your Information in One Place: 

Time is money in any project, and if your workers are spending half their day wondering what exactly they are supposed to do next, then obviously, there are some gaps you need to fill. BUILDFitters can help you fill in these gaps with amazing tools such as a daily punch list, resource utilization reports and increased visibility into project tasks.  

No more waiting around for the builder to send directions or racing back and forth to check details. All the information you need is stored safely in BUILDFitters! BUILDFitters provides subcontractors with the accessibility they need to always stay on top of their projects. 

Make Fewer Mistakes – Save more Money with Construction Management Solutions: 

We all make mistakes sometimes. Some errors are just unavoidable when you’re working with a group of people. However, construction management software makes them easily avoidable. For example, with BUILDFitters, you have your daily punch lists, tasks, and necessary documents laid out. That means there is no guesswork or waiting around for tasks to be verbally communicated. BUILDFitters can mitigate risks and help avoid mistakes with its advanced construction management capabilities. 

Avoid Unnecessary Paperwork: 

Do you still use a notepad to create your grocery lists? No! You make a list on the notes app on your phone, don’t you! It is as simple as that! When you have a device and an app that can fit all your important documents, notes, information, and data into one secure platform, you will not want to carry around files or notes from the office to the construction site. It is not only impractical but also kind of risky. What if you lose the files? All your information and records would be lost. It is simpler to keep it in an online storage solution directly linked with all stakeholders and is also secure! Plus, hey, it is greener, unlike that boring, error-prone notepad sitting on your desk. 

Communicate Efficiently Using a Streamlined Construction Management Software: 

Let’s stress on communication again because, to be honest, that is the one thing that subcontractors find more cumbersome than the heaps of documentation. Construction is complex, and it requires a lot of communication between different parties. For example, subcontractors and contractors need to go back and forth continuously to solidify bids, track progress, etc. 

All this information can be streamlined within the BUILDFitters app. Bids can be solidified within the app’s interface, and all messages, comments, shared documents can be stored within the project database! Efficient communication means less time wastage, quicker decisions, better coordination and, by extension, less money wastage. 


The sooner you finish your job, the less the overall cost! With a construction management solution like BUILDFitters on your side, you can cut down on time and money wastage and complete your projects on time and budget.  BUILDFitters is the friend of all roles in the AEC industry, whether you are a contractor, a project manager, or an owner. Find out more about BUILDFitters today!