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Top 3 Roofing Project Management Challenges in 2022

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Roofing Project Management Challenges

Top 3 Roofing Project Management Challenges in 2022

Project management is a core component of every roofing project. As a project manager working in the roofing industry, you already know how tricky it is to manage a project from start to finish. One must prepare for several challenges during the project life cycle to ensure that the project finishes smoothly and on time. This blog explores various roofing project management challenges and how project managers can resolve them using BUILDFitters.

So, what makes a roofing project complex? 

A roofing construction project in itself is complex, it requires careful, planned coordination amongst managers, contractors, foremen, manufacturers, vendors, etc., and there is very little room for mistakes. Mistakes in the roofing project management will result in delayed timelines and scheduling problems which eventually impact the budget, creating a domino effect that takes down the entire project.

What are the major project management challenges in the roofing industry?

For most construction professionals, roofing contractors, or general contractors, project management has been a problem. The budget and time constraints put added pressure on roofing professionals, and they must put out a lot of fires as they go about their daily routine. Roofing project management thus faces many direct and indirect  challenges. Different roadblocks further complicate these problems that a roofing project manager may not be prepared for; these problems are as follows: 

Budget control and management: 

Project cost overruns are not unheard of in the AEC field. Many roofing projects exceed their designated budget due to a variety of reasons. The key question here is what causes a budget overrun in the roofing sphere? Budget overruns are caused by incorrect projections or information—inaccurate estimations at the inception of the roofing process. The success of your roofing project depends significantly on planning and making reasonable cost requests from your team during the preconstruction process so that you can avoid going over budget and stay on schedule. A roofing project’s success depends on planning and reasonable cost requests from developers and contractors during the preconstruction process. 

Scheduling Constraints:

Scheduling is an integral part of a roofing project manager’s duties. It is also one of the most significant pain points of roofing professionals and every other project manager working in the AEC field. Project managers believe that inability to manage project timeline can result in missed sales opportunities, cash flow problems, increased on-site accidents/injuries, and poor designs. To avoid these issues in the roofing project management process, a manager should communicate realistic deadlines to the parties involved in the roofing project and track compliance to ensure that the schedule is followed. It is always a good idea to leave some margin for schedule delays, missed deadlines, and milestones so that any problem does not hurt the project lifecycle and that any unexpected delays can be managed easily. 

Poor Coordination and Communication:

Lack of proper coordination is the leading source of project delays and timeline disruptions. Inefficient communication directly impacts the project as it is more than likely to create confusion or unrealistic expectations between team members, project managers, and field staff.  Reporting is a critical factor in terms of communication. Delayed, inconsistent, inaccurate, and unclear reports create anomalies in the worksite, resulting in project delays and budget overruns.
Many of these problems that roofing project managers face during their roofing project management tasks can quickly be resolved with the right set of tools that help them organize, monitor, record, document, and track their projects from start to finish.

AEC professionals built the BUILDFitters solution for AEC professionals in the roofing industry. Our dedicated team has leveraged several years of experience in the construction and roofing sectors to understand, study, and solve these very challenges. 

BUILDFitters simplifies and automates the roofing process helping project managers deliver efficient projects on time and budget. Let’s look at BOLDConstruct’s preconstruction module as an example. The module streamlines project management by empowering roofing professionals to perform and execute the following tasks: 

  • Project Planning and Estimation:
  • BUILDFitters project planning and estimation capabilities enable roofing project managers to create estimates and revise them according to the project needs. This allows for more accurate costs and streamlines budgeting. 
  • Scheduling:  
  • BUILDFitters allows roofing professionals to plan their tasks and assign them to relevant team members. The automated flow updates the project flow as tasks are completed enabling the project manager to preplan upcoming tasks and activities. If there is any disruption or problem area, the project manager can plan ahead. This allows for a smooth roofing project management flow. 
  • Integration with Microsoft Teams:  
  • BUILDFitters provides various integrations with collaborative software and seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Project Online. With a simple click, roofing project managers can efficiently communicate with all involved team members. With Microsoft Teams, the project team members have a secure collaboration medium to share information and documents, collaborate, and co-author files in real-time. Scheduling meetings, setting reminders, and safely storing documents are made accessible with BOLDConstruct. 

A roofing project goes through many challenges in its lifecycle; however, with the right technology, roofing project managers can overcome these challenges quickly and easily. BUILDFitters is the perfect solution for roofing project management as it helps managers plan, track, document, monitor, and control the project journey from preconstruction to construction and close-out. BUILDFitters is designed for the AEC industry, and thus it caters to the needs of all verticals. If you would like to know more about how BUILDFitters resonates with your roofing challenges; watch the video below:

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