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The Benefits of a Robust Construction Management Plan

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Infographics show that Construction Management Plan run according to robust construction management beneficial plan

The Benefits of a Robust Construction Management Plan


As the construction industry faces unprecedented challenges such as labor shortages, tighter schedules, and increasingly complex projects, having access to powerful and productivity-enhancing technology has become more critical than ever. Construction experts predict that these challenges will only intensify due to ongoing trends such as the surge of megaprojects aimed at meeting global infrastructure demands.

According to a report from FMI, the US alone is expected to experience a 600 percent increase in megaprojects over the next decade, with project budgets increasing from $50 billion to over $350 billion.

In this article, we will explore how construction management software can help contractors overcome these challenges and the benefits of efficient construction management plans that can help them maintain competitiveness and profitability in today’s market. 

Significant Obstacles Facing the Construction Industry

Accurate project information is crucial for the successful execution and delivery of capital-intensive construction projects. However, according to the Construction Disconnected report, AEC professionals spend more than 14 hours per week on nonproductive activities such as looking for project information, resolving conflicts, and dealing with mistakes and rework.

This amounts to 35% of their working hours and costs the US construction industry over $177 billion in labor costs annually. In addition, inadequate project data and miscommunication were responsible for almost 50% of all reworks in the US construction industry, resulting in a cost of $31.3 billion in 2018. 

To address these challenges, using project management software with cost and construction management planning capabilities can be highly beneficial. Construction project management software, equipped with location intelligence and GIS technology, helps professionals understand projects better in context, leading to improved workflows, better collaboration, and strategic partnerships.

Additionally, by incorporating accurate project data into construction management software, AEC professionals can significantly reduce nonoptimal activities and minimize costly rework, leading to better project outcomes and improved profitability. All these phases can be effectively covered in a construction management plan that companies often prepare once they onboard construction management software. 

What is a Construction Management Plan

A construction management plan guides project execution, monitoring, and control for efficiency and effectiveness. Traditionally, it was a manual document, but now technology offers diverse features for construction management plans. Construction project management software streamlines tasks, budgets, timelines, risks, and communication for effective planning. Utilizing software enables project managers to create better plans, leading to successful project outcomes.

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How Does Construction Project Management Software Help with Planning?

Construction management software is designed specifically for the construction industry. AEC professionals use construction project management software for construction management planning for several reasons: 

  1. Efficiency: Construction software streamlines construction management planning, making it easier and faster for project managers to create, manage, and monitor project schedules, tasks, and resources. The software allows project managers to automate repetitive tasks and optimize resource allocation, improving project efficiency and productivity. 
  2. Collaboration: Construction software facilitates collaboration between project team members, stakeholders, and clients. It provides a centralized platform for team members to share information and update progress, increasing transparency and accountability. 
  3. Cost management: Construction software helps managers track project costs, budgets, and expenses. The software allows project managers to monitor project expenses in real-time, enabling them to identify and address potential cost overruns. 
  4. Risk management: Construction software helps managers identify, assess, and mitigate project risks. The software allows project managers to identify potential threats, evaluate their impact and likelihood, and create mitigation strategies. 
  5. Reporting and analytics: Construction software provides real-time project insights and data analytics, allowing project managers to monitor project progress. The software can generate reports to provide stakeholders with project updates and financial information, improving project transparency and communication. 

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BUILDFitters – Construction Management Planning Software for all Phases of the Project:

BUILDFitters construction project management software is designed to help create efficient construction project management plans that lead to efficient projects in the industry. This comprehensive software caters to every aspect of the construction project lifecycle, making it a complete solution for construction companies. 

The software includes various applications that streamline sales, preconstruction, construction, and post-construction processes. The analytics apps refine construction project processes, enabling companies to create efficient project management plans. The software is tailored to meet the needs of various A.E.C. roles, including general contractors, subcontractors, subspecialty contractors, project managers, field admins, and foremen. 

BUILDFitters is more than just construction management planning software. The BUILDFitters implementation team takes the time to understand the client company’s business needs, limitations, and future requirements. They customize the software to ensure that it benefits the company today and, in the future, creating efficient project management plans that lead to efficient projects in the industry. 

As a one-stop technology provider, BUILDFitters offers additional integrations and solutions that can help accelerate business. The construction management solution provides executive-level insights, equipment and resource optimization, increased collaboration, and enhanced capabilities. This can help companies create efficient project management plans that lead to efficient projects in the industry. 

Revamping technology infrastructure can be challenging for companies. BUILDFitters provides streamlined and time-efficient support to help companies transition seamlessly, making creating efficient project management plans easier.

The team has experience implementing construction solutions in HVAC, mechanical, A.E.C., and roofing industries. They optimize management plans for efficient projects.

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The construction industry faces significant challenges requiring decisive and productivity-enhancing technology. The surge of megaprojects to meet global infrastructure demands will only intensify these challenges. Construction management software incorporating cost-planning features and comprehensive construction management planning capabilities can be valuable in addressing these challenges.

A well-designed plan with a schedule, budget breakdown, risk assessments, and quality control ensures project completion. Construction software streamlines planning, promotes collaboration, manages costs and risks, and provides real-time insights. BUILDFitters is a comprehensive software for efficient project management across different construction verticals. The experienced team optimizes construction management plans for efficient projects in the industry.