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BUILDFitters Netsuite Integration: Streamlining Operations for Construction Companies

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Infographics show that buildfitters netsuite integration

BUILDFitters Netsuite Integration: Streamlining Operations for Construction Companies


In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, businesses constantly seek innovative solutions to streamline operations and boost efficiency. One such solution that has gained significant attention is Buildfitters Netsuite integration. This powerful integration offers numerous benefits for construction companies, helping them optimize their processes, improve productivity, and drive growth. This article will delve into BUILDFitters Netsuite integration and explore its key features, advantages, and how it can transform your business operations.

The BUILDFitters application is a fantastic tool that AlphaBOLD will continue to perfect and become more ubiquitous in the construction industry. Using it, construction companies can manage construction projects from start to finish. However, managing a construction company involves more than just project management. Like other industries, construction companies also rely on an ERP to manage their finances and accounting. This is where NetSuite comes in!

Extending Inventory Management Using Buildfitters ERP Integration:

Even though the BUILDFitters platform has functionalities to track materials and equipment, its inventory management capabilities could be improved. One potential use of the NetSuite platform would be to leverage NetSuite’s proven ability to manage available inventory. With integration to NetSuite, BUILDFitters can create purchase orders for project materials while also considering leftover materials from other projects. This integration could pull quantities of materials available from different warehouse locations, allowing project managers to allocate excess resources to the current project. This can reduce the line amounts on the purchase order before sending it to the vendor.

Infographics show that Extending Inventory Management Using Buildfitters ERP Integration

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Material Resource Management Software Integration for Construction Companies:

NetSuite’s materials resource management module can also help source parts required for the construction project. On a construction site, many pieces require purchasing respective parts for later assembly. NetSuite’s MRP workbench can recommend the date and quantity of purchases. If the integration is successfully created, this purchase date can be fed back to BUILDFitters to show all components arriving on time.

Infographics show that Material resource management software integration for construction companies

Time Tracking Platform:

Another use for NetSuite could be leveraging its time-tracking platform. NetSuite has a functional mobile app that can be integrated with BUILDFitters. Construction workers would log their tasks and progress through the NetSuite timesheet app, allowing project managers to track tasks live and reflect the data against the company’s general ledger in real time.

Infographics show that Time tracking platform

Advanced Reporting Capabilities:

NetSuite can also be leveraged for its reporting capabilities. Integrating BUILDFitters with NetSuite provides detailed financial reporting out of the box, and more customized reports can be built using saved searches and Analytics Workbooks. Advanced integration techniques can display these reports on BUILDFitters report pages.

Infographics show that Advanced reporting capabilities

Enhancing Efficiency with Seamless Data Sync:

BUILDFitters Netsuite integration empowers construction businesses by seamlessly synchronizing data between their existing systems and Netsuite ERP. By integrating BUILDFitters, a comprehensive project management software, with Netsuite, a leading cloud-based ERP system, businesses can eliminate the need for manual data entry, reduce errors, and ensure real-time access to accurate information. This streamlined data sync enables teams to make informed decisions promptly, leading to enhanced operational efficiency.

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Streamlining Workflows for Optimal Productivity:

Efficient workflows are the backbone of any successful business. BUILDFitters Netsuite integration optimizes workflows by automating repetitive tasks, eliminating bottlenecks, and reducing manual intervention. This integration allows businesses to automate project creation, resource allocation, time tracking, and invoicing processes. By streamlining these workflows, teams can focus their energy on value-added activities, maximizing productivity and delivering projects on time and within budget.

Unleashing Business Insights through Comprehensive Reporting:

Data-driven decision-making is vital for business success. Buildfitters Netsuite integration provides businesses with comprehensive reporting capabilities, allowing them to gain valuable insights into project performance, resource utilization, and financial metrics. Through intuitive dashboards and customizable reports, businesses can track key performance indicators (KPIs), identify trends, and make data-backed decisions that drive growth. This integration gives businesses a clear and accurate view of their operations, enabling proactive decision-making at every level.


All in all, there are many reasons to use NetSuite and BUILDFitters for companies in the AEC space. With NetSuite’s advanced inventory management and demand planning capabilities, the company can ensure that the right amount of inventory is always purchased at the right time. Additionally, leveraging NetSuite’s time-tracking functionality allows for a streamlined UI that connects directly to the general ledger, saving project managers time and streamlining the process for standard users. Finally, leveraging the advanced reporting tools NetSuite has developed, the company can easily track financial standing and slice entity and transaction data virtually limitlessly. If you want to create this connection, please get in touch with AlphaBOLD so we can get started.

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