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Here is an overview of BUILDFitters – the only solution in the market that ties sales, pre-construction, and post construction processes together:

BUILDFitters – At a Glance

Modernizing AEC businesses with BUILDFitters Construction Apps

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Infographics show that Modernizing AEC businesses with BUILDFitters construction apps

Modernizing AEC businesses with BUILDFitters Construction Apps


Unlike most construction apps in today’s market, BUILDFitters is more than just a simple contractor app. In fact, it is designed for project owners, general contractors, field administrators, and subcontractors alike. Due to its numerous modules and sub-apps, the BUILDFitters experience is genuinely comprehensive and customized to address the diverse needs of all stakeholders participating in the construction process. Whether you’re a project owner looking for seamless progress tracking, a general contractor seeking efficient communication channels, a field admin aiming to streamline operations, or a subcontractor in need of accurate task management, BUILDFitters offers an all-encompassing platform that fosters collaboration, enhances transparency, and maximizes productivity at every step of the construction journey. With its user-friendly interface, real-time data sharing, and customizable features, the BUILDFitters experience sets a new standard for construction management software, empowering all parties to work harmoniously toward project success. 

In this article, we will look at how BUILDFitters’ construction apps, in particular the project management construction app and the field service apps, can help modernize AEC businesses. 

Project Management in Preconstruction, Construction, and Post-construction 

Project management in the preconstruction, construction, and post-construction stages is a comprehensive and dynamic process that ensures the successful execution of a construction project from its inception to completion and beyond. This approach encompasses a range of strategies, tools, and methodologies to effectively plan, execute, monitor, and control every aspect of the project. The BUILDFitters construction app covers all three construction phases within its project management app with seamless integration and specialized features tailored to each stage. This enables project owners, general contractors, field admins, and subcontractors to collaborate efficiently and make informed decisions throughout the project lifecycle. BUILDFitters provides a unified platform for stakeholders, offering detailed cost estimation and resource allocation during preconstruction, real-time progress tracking and communication tools during construction, and comprehensive documentation and close out checklist in the post-construction. This holistic approach not only enhances transparency and communication but also streamlines workflows, minimizes errors, and ultimately contributes to the overall success and sustainability of construction projects. 

Infographics show that Project Management in Preconstruction, Construction, and Post-construction

BUILDFitters Construction Apps vs. Generic Contractor Apps – The Modern Era 

When comparing contractor apps to the BUILDFitters suite, a discernible distinction emerges. Contractor apps typically offer singular functionalities, serving a specific purpose within the construction landscape. However, the BUILDFitters suite introduces a comprehensive array of tools meticulously designed for the nuanced demands of the AEC industry. Every application under the BUILDFitters umbrella contributes to a holistic solution for AEC operations. All these applications in BUILDFitters share a common back end. This ensures data integrity and visibility across all applications.  

The distinguishing factor lies in BUILDFitters’ dedication to addressing the unique challenges of the construction sector. This is evident in the suite’s diverse applications and its seamless integration with Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement and Microsoft 365 applications, facilitating the cohesive flow of crucial project data. While contractor apps fulfill singular roles, the BUILDFitters suite transcends this limitation by presenting a suite finely attuned to the intricacies of construction and engineering. This comprehensive and specialized approach underscores the suite’s significance within the AEC landscape. 

BUILDFitters Project Management for Preconstruction:  

The BUILDFitters project management construction app stands as a transformative force within the AEC industry, modernizing how businesses approach project execution from start to finish. With an array of cutting-edge features tailored to meet the diverse needs of AEC professionals, BUILDFitters redefines project management by seamlessly integrating preconstruction, construction, and post-construction phases into one cohesive platform. 

One of the standout features of the BUILDFitters app lies in its revolutionary Bidding Management module. Traditionally, the bidding process has been plagued by complexities and delays, preventing timely decision-making. However, BUILDFitters revolutionizes this aspect by streamlining the entire process, offering quick and reliable estimates that empower users to make efficient decisions while boosting overall productivity. The app’s dashboard provides a comprehensive view of bidding information in relation to active contracts, eliminating the need for time-consuming information retrieval. Moreover, the automation-driven bid creation process eradicates redundant data entry, effectively erasing the risk of double entry and minimizing rework. 

  • Streamlined bidding management process for quicker and more efficient decision-making. 
  • Integration of bidding information with active contracts for easy tracking and retrieval. 
  • Automation reduces time spent on associating bids with contracts, enhancing productivity. 
  • Cloud-based estimating capabilities allow remote management of estimates from any device. 
  • Automation eliminates redundant data entry, minimizing errors and rework. 

Additionally, the app reduces efforts by offering advanced project creation, management, and scheduling capabilities while elevating project oversight and collaboration. Users gain access to a detailed project budget overview, including essential components such as material purchase orders, subcontractor services, and timesheet data. This consolidated view extends to change orders, purchase orders, RFIs, and submittals, eliminating convoluted processes and data silos that often lead to inefficiencies. The app’s comprehensive project summary seamlessly combines internal and owner team information, enabling streamlined communication and informed decision-making. Incorporating templated features facilitates the inclusion of the scope of work details, while the 3-D modeler tool empowers users to visualize project artifacts within the app itself, enhancing conceptualization and communication. Moreover, real-time equipment information access simplifies equipment management and optimizes resource allocation. 

  • Advanced project creation, management, and scheduling capabilities for improved oversight and collaboration. 
  • Comprehensive project budget overview with access to estimation details, material purchase orders, subcontractor services, and timesheet data. 
  • Unified view of change orders and purchase orders, RFIs, and submittals, eliminating data silos and complexities. 
  • Project summary with internal and owner team information for streamlined communication. 
  • 3-D modeler tool for visualizing project artifacts within the application. 
  • Real-time equipment information access streamlines equipment management. 
  • Direct employee uploads of project-related photos facilitate easy access to site photos. 

The contract management module offers a user-friendly interactive dashboard that simplifies contracts’ creation, tracking, and viewing. The app’s unique preconstruction phase, encompassing contract management module helps streamline contract creation, allowing contracts to be generated seamlessly from estimates with a single click. Centralizing contract data within the app enhances administrative efficiency and negates the need for scattered data management. The app’s automation capabilities shine through by enabling contract creation and schedule import directly from awarded bids, ultimately boosting overall contract management efficiency. 

  • Simplified contract creation, tracking, and viewing through user-friendly interactive dashboards. 
  • Pre-construction phase contract management streamlines contract creation from estimates. 
  • Centralized contract data management enhances administrative efficiency. 
  • Automation enables contract creation and schedule import from awarded bids. 

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BUILDFitters Project Management For Construction:  

The BUILDFitters Project Management construction app is designed to streamline the construction phase of a project with its advanced features and user-friendly interface. The BUILDFitters construction app ensures that general contractors and project managers successfully complete their tasks, driving unprecedented productivity, collaboration, and efficiency across the board. 

For general contractors, the app’s robust suite of tools addresses the multifaceted challenges inherent to construction projects. The seamless integration of project management and task scheduling capabilities streamlines previously complex workflows, substantially reducing manual effort as it does in the preconstruction phase. This newfound ease extends to budget management, where accessing estimation details, material specifications, subcontractor information, and timesheet data is effortlessly centralized, offering real-time insights that promote well-informed decisions.  

  • Enhanced productivity, collaboration, and efficiency for general contractors and project managers. 
  • Robust tools address the challenges of construction projects for general contractors. 
  • Integrated project management and task scheduling, reducing manual effort and improving workflows. 
  • Centralized dashboard for budget management provides real-time insights into estimation details, material specs, subcontractor info, and timesheet data. 

Project managers can also use the BUILDFitters construction app to enhance visibility, collaboration, and resource allocation. The centralized dashboard consolidates daily progress reports and time entries, granting an overarching view of project tasks. This consolidated approach is amplified by the app’s real-time equipment information, which ensures that material and resource allocation aligns with actual project demands. Teams can create and manage project groups seamlessly by leveraging pre-existing data, expediting the process, and ensuring smoother team collaboration. 

  • Improved visibility, collaboration, and resource allocation. 
  • Consolidated progress reports and time entries provide a project task overview. 
  • Real-time equipment information optimizes material and resource allocation. 
  • Project groups managed using existing data for seamless collaboration. 
  • Automated dashboards simplify change order processes and improve communication. 

Additionally, the app’s automated dashboards simplify the creation, tracking, and updating of change orders, alleviating the burden associated with this aspect of construction. This, in turn, accelerates decision-making and fosters more transparent communication between stakeholders, resulting in a more streamlined and responsive project progression. BUILDFitters project management construction app also helps stakeholders modernize project scheduling and coordination with its task scheduling and tracking features. These features offer real-time insights into labor hours, equipment status, and visitor logs. This enhances accountability and contributes to a safer and more organized job site. Integrating popular project management tools like Wrike and Microsoft Project elevates task management, allowing seamless tracking and progress monitoring. Moreover, the app’s budget management feature is a financial compass for general contractors and project managers. By seamlessly linking estimations with actual costs, tracking expenses, and accommodating change orders, BUILDFitters eliminates financial surprises, ensures better adherence to budgetary constraints, and thus contributes to project stability and overall profitability. 

  • Automated dashboards streamline change order processes, enhancing communication. 
  • Task scheduling and tracking provide real-time insight into labor, equipment, and visitors. 
  • Integration with tools like Wrike and Microsoft Project enhances task management and progress monitoring. 
  • Budget management links estimations with actual costs, tracks expenses, and accommodates change orders. 

BUILDFitters Field Service for Construction 

The BUILDFitters Field Service App Suite includes the “BUILDFitters Foremen App,” the “BUILDFitters Mobile Time-Tracking App,” and the “BUILDFitters Canvas App.” This suite streamlines key tasks, enhancing efficiency. 

BUILDFitters Foremen App: Transforming Field Operations 

At the heart of the BUILDFitters suite lies the “BUILDFitters Foremen App,” a Model-Driven Power App built upon the Microsoft Power Platform. This application is meticulously designed to cater to the needs of foremen and their teams operating within the AEC domain.  

The core features of the Foremen App encompass a broad spectrum of tasks crucial to the industry. It provides an all-encompassing solution, from real-time tracking and task assignment to comprehensive progress monitoring and crew attendance tracking. Additionally, the app’s ability to handle hours submission for subcontractors streamlines administrative processes significantly. Including material and equipment tracking further contributes to optimal resource management, minimizing wastage, and maximizing productivity. Notably, the app enables the generation of comprehensive reports that contractors can digitally sign, fostering transparency and accountability throughout the project lifecycle. 

  • Effortlessly track labor activities and monitor progress. 
  • Streamline material tracking for enhanced inventory control. 
  • Accurately record and manage project time tracking. 
  • Efficiently monitor and manage deliveries to ensure timely arrivals. 
  • Maintain comprehensive records of subcontractor details. 
  • Seamlessly handle and optimize work orders for streamlined operations. 

BUILDFitters Mobile Time-Tracking App: Empowering Subcontractors

Catering to the specific needs of subcontractor teams, the “BUILDFitters Mobile Time-Tracking App” introduces flexibility and user-friendliness to the equation. Subcontractors can effortlessly log their time and material usage through a mobile application, simplifying a previously cumbersome task. By simplifying workflows and enhancing administrative efficiency, this app saves precious time and reduces costs associated with resource mismanagement. 

One of the primary objectives of the Mobile Time-Tracking App is to liberate subcontractors from the shackles of administrative burdens. With the app handling time tracking and material usage, subcontractors can now dedicate their energy to their core tasks, fostering increased productivity on the ground. This shift from administrative overhead to operational excellence is a significant step toward modernizing the construction industry. 

  • Experience a highly streamlined workflow that enhances overall efficiency.  
  • Provide subcontractors with unparalleled flexibility within the process.  
  • Achieve administrative efficiency through intuitive tools and processes.  
  • Significantly save time and costs through optimized operations.  
  • Witness a remarkable boost in productivity that drives business growth. 

BUILDFitters Canvas App: Streamlining Stakeholder Engagement

Complementing the suite, the “BUILDFitters Canvas App” is purpose-built for AEC project stakeholders. Its intuitive and user-friendly interface simplifies time-tracking processes, eliminating complexities and reducing room for error. The Canvas App enhances user experience and productivity across the board by streamlining interactions and information sharing. 

The Canvas App’s emphasis on seamless integration with popular AEC tools underscores its commitment to compatibility and interoperability. This integration eases the transition for stakeholders and highlights the suite’s adaptability to diverse project environments. By emphasizing a streamlined workflow and optimal time efficiency, the Canvas App transforms how stakeholders interact with projects, paving the way for a more cohesive and dynamic collaboration. 

  • Elevate user experience through enhanced interface and functionality. 
  • Achieve a meticulously streamlined workflow for optimal efficiency. 
  • Experience heightened productivity with optimized tools and processes. 
  • Maximize time efficiency, saving valuable resources for other tasks. 
  • Benefit from effortless integration with widely used AEC tools for a seamless experience. 

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Amidst the continuous evolution of technological advancements across the AEC field, BUILDFitters stands out as a catalyst for driving transformative change. Its comprehensive approach, which encompasses tailored features and a solid dedication to collaboration, positions it as a leading force in construction management solutions. BUILDFitters transcends the conventional realm of construction or contractor apps; it serves as a dynamic impetus for progress and innovation, capable of fundamentally altering the way AEC professionals navigate and oversee their projects.