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Challenges faced by Roofing Professionals in 2022

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Challenges faced by Roofing Professionals in 2022

The AEC industry faces many challenges, but one of its subdivisions is the most perilous line of work, the roofing industry. Roofing professionals need meticulous planning, and excellent management to oversee the entire roofing process.  

Every major industry has faced many challenges in the past two years due to COVID. It has become inevitable for the AEC industry to avoid investments in information technology as it seeks to make its operations more efficient and competitive in a market demanding increasing levels of sophistication. As we step into the post-COVID era, roofing professionals face numerous challenges like workforce shortages, document management, the highly competitive market, lack of planning and rising equipment costs and many others. 

Challenges faced by roofing professionals: 

  1. Highly competitive market: US government passed a $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill to help alleviate growing inflation. Construction spending is expected to increase 5% in 2022. As an increasing number of businesses will invest in construction projects the market will become more competitive. Finding the best project and closing the deal is more important than ever.  
  2. Tracking the schedules: The ideal time for roofing and construction projects is from spring to early autumn. The roofing professionals, therefore, must manage multiple projects simultaneously. This can result in a lot of delays in each project as various locations and timelines are involved.  
  3. Document Management: The lack of visibility is one of the most familiar challenges in the roofing industry. The inability to access real time project data, or to manage the submittals and proposals usually hinders the growth of a project. 
  4. Sales and Estimation: Roofing companies usually spend a lot of time sending out bids and estimates for a project. The entire process of getting estimates from a site, and then sending out bids for a project is a lengthy process and wastes a lot of time. 
  5. Roofing Project Planning: The roofing process involves many steps and risks. It is inherently dangerous, but it can be countered with better planning. As the complete roofing process requires a lot of manual intervention, it usually faces delays and an elevated risk of failure.  

Multiple Challenges and Only One Solution: 

AlphaBOLD brings a one stop solution for all the challenges roofing professionals face: BUILDFitters. It is the perfect project management software which caters to all the needs of roofing professionals from the pre-production phase to the project close out. In recent times, the contractors have been increasing their investments in the IT sector. They are looking to invest in core business systems such as accounting, estimating, project management, document management and scheduling. All these modules are available in one software i.e., BUILDFitters.  

BUILDFitters provides the following features for the roofing professionals: 

  1. Streamlining roofing pre-production plan 
  2. Managing schedules in one interactive project scheduler 
  3. Generating estimates to close deal on first inspection 
  4. Generating invoices to ensure smooth payment management 
  5. Integration with accounting systems to achieve efficient accounts 
  6. Advanced analytics for oversight 
  7. Generating proposals for multiple bids 
  8. Managing documents with Document generation engine 

Let’s have a look at how BUILDFitters helps the roofing professionals in overcoming their challenges.  

In the highly competitive market, it is difficult to acquire a project. BUILDFitters helps the contractors to land upon good opportunities by helping them track multiple bids in one place. The contractor can manage bids and send proposals instantly. It is also easy to generate estimates to plan the pre-production early on. Therefore, after just the first site inspection it is easy to close the deal.  

BUILDFitters advanced scheduling capabilities help maintain all timelines and deadlines while staying on budget. Roofing contractors can stay ahead of their scheduled plans by tracking tasks efficiently. From scheduling payments to site visits, everything is easily possible within BUILDFitters. 

Furthermore, BUILDFitters allows users to manage their roofing projects efficiently with its advanced project management tools.   Project managers and contractors can create track, share, and store documents within the BUILDFitters platform. Forget about lost documents or manual entries. BUILDFitters automates the entire process. This helps in streamlining all the processes from pre-production to project closes out.  

Additionally, BUILDFitters also offers integration with all the leading accounting systems so that every entry is updated in real time. Last, but not least, BUILDFitters helps subcontractors and contractors to keep a close eye on their workers, through automated timesheets, resource utilization reports, site photos, etc. BUILDFitters can help the roofing professionals in overcoming all their challenges with the use of one software, which handles everything for them. If you choose BUILDFitters, you can manage your roofing projects effortlessly and efficiently. Contact us now to get your free demo.  

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