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Here is an overview of BUILDFitters – the only solution in the market that ties sales, pre-construction, and post construction processes together:

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BUILDFitters at the 2021 Community Summit North America

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BUILDFitters At The 2021 Community Summit North America

BUILDFitters at the 2021 Community Summit North America

The Community Summit North America is a popular event globally as it is the largest independent event of the Microsoft Ecosystem. As a Microsoft GOLD partner, BUILDFitters is a regular at the summit and has always made a big splash at the event. BUILDFitters recent win as the MSUS Partner 2021 for Dynamics 365 Customer Service increased our excitement to share our insights with the event attendees! 

BUILDFitters set up its booth in full Halloween spirit to enlighten the attendees about its innovative Microsoft stack solutions. Even though the overall traffic at the event remained low compared to pre-covid time, BUILDFitters booth was never empty. 

The UG Summit Team 

  • Tayyab Ali - VP Consulting 
  • Robert Wenstrand - Director of Customer Engagement 
  • Nick Craig - Sales Manager 
  • Judd Halenza - Customer Engagement Manager 


We had a lot of fun talking to attendees about how we can help them ‘make the right choice’ with our practical ideas. BUILDFitters was one of the few partners who provided multiple services to their clients – our one-stop-shop offerings made us stand out from the crowd and helped us attract visitors to our booth. We discussed utilizing Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform to create cool solutions that meet their business interests precisely. From users new to Microsoft Dynamics and Power Apps to experienced professionals looking to connect with like-minded industry experts, we got to meet them all at the summit.  


BUILDFitters had some exciting and cool merchandise for the attendees! We had Apple Airpods, BEATS headphones, Bose speakers and of course candy – in the spirit of Halloween. 



Our construction management solution, BUILDFitters, was a big hit at the event! Tayyab Ali, vice president of AlphaBOLD and founder of BUILDFitters, spent a few busy days discussing our fully integrated and comprehensive solution’s many exceptional construction project management capabilities. Clients and industry experts were fascinated by the various features BUILDFitters offered its users throughout the project lifecycle and wanted to learn more!

BUILDFitters was also a product that became the talk of the summit and dominated discussions at our booth. Our intelligent predictive maintenance solution combined AI and smart sensors to improve operational efficiency. Visitors at the booth were intrigued by BUILDFitters ability to reduce maintenance costs, electricity bills, power wastages etc. We gave the curious people first-hand demos of the solution resulting in many attendees signing up for a consultation. 

Another popular topic in the “BOLDBooth” was Power BI – many of the people asked how we could help them leverage Microsoft’s Power BI offerings to optimize their business. Our warehouse management solutions were of great interest to the visitors. Many were looking for ways to gain a complete and comprehensive view of their warehouses in a single interactive dashboard. Our experts answered their questions and guided them towards the best possible solution for their pain points. 

Sessions we attended: 

One of BUILDFitters fundamental objectives is to create cool solutions that make employees happier at work and make customers happy. To achieve this goal, we regularly explore Microsoft’s capabilities and what it offers to its users. The educational sessions of the summit are an excellent way of learning more about what Microsoft can do for us. This year we decided to focus on the following talks:  

1. The Art of Data Visualization: Bringing Numbers to Life 

A detailed session on how users can separate actionable information from data by using Power BI visualizations. By doing so, users can identify trends, opportunities and access meaningful data and insights. This session is the ultimate guide for users who want to learn when and how to use different types of charts, the importance of color in visualizations and common design mistakes that one must avoid. 

2. PowerApps in the Real World 

A study in the practical uses of PowerApps – this session investigated how modern-day companies are utilizing PowerApps to achieve their business goals. This session was designed to explore the many ways in which PowerApps can help companies in the current business landscape. 

3. Dynamics 365 2021: What’s New for IT Leaders 

A beginner level exploration of the new features of Dynamics 365, this session discussed the impact of the new capabilities on an organization’s IT and administration departments. It also helped attendees decide which new features they should invest in now and which features they should invest in in the future. 

4. No-code, Low-code, doesn’t mean no threat or low-risk 

This session explored the Power Platform and how it can accelerate a business to success or risk exposure. Attendees learned the hidden risks and challenges that they often miss regarding business protection when embarking on the Power Platform automation journey. 

Community Summit is an ideal networking and educational opportunity for Microsoft Partners and users. It offers valuable insights that help companies explore ideas that increase efficiency and overcome their challenges. It gathers technology professionals who are using/considering Microsoft Business applications to find smarter, innovative solutions to the new business challenges.